Solid and Void


Materials: Basalto Siciliano, thermoformed plastic, mist devices

Size: 138cm x 138cm x 32cm (H)

Year: 2022

Price: upon request

Solid and Void is made out of sculpted Basalto Siciliano stone and a thermoformed plastic that becomes a container for water. The water is tinted with a purple pigment which creates a colour casted shadow underneath the sculpture. Ultrasonic mist devices create mist as the water slowly evaporates.

Solid and Void is part of my solo exhibition INTANGIBLE developed for Fondazione Elpis and Galleria Continua. The works are site-specific and have been created to connect with the local context.

The project explores the overlapping of crafts and technology in an almost alchemical way. The visible-materiality and craft is inhabited by the invisible-energy, mist, sound-in their ever-changing forms.

*Photography (c) Danilo Donzelli Photography